The way to be a reference



More than 20 years
of work guarantee us



Proudly respecting
our cider culture



Looking for new approaches
without losing our origins



Offering the best of us
for customer satisfaction

From its extraordinary location in the Plaza Mayor next to the Town Hall, La Galana has positioned itself as a benchmark within the Gijón restaurant industry.

Turn La Galana into your meeting place with friends or celebration with your partner, its three spaces will allow you to enjoy an environment according to your needs and in the company of a close and very professional human group.

La Galana at a glance

Our cuisine

Starting from the traditional elements of Asturian cuisine to adapt them to the new tastes of the current restoration is probably the main hallmark of our establishment.

The training and work of our kitchen staff, led by Denis Edeline and Garikoitz Alcibar Sanz, have been essential to combine all these elements in the creations that can be tasted in our dinning hall.

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